Phenopad Feature Overview

Taking Notes by Hand

When writing, any phenotypes found will show up along with text recognition of the line. Click on the phenotype to indicate the presence of this symptom (Y state). Click again will change to the absence of this symptom (N state).

All recognized phenotypes including candidates are gathered at the top panel bar for view and edit.

Orange words indicates the predicted meaning of an abbreviation found. Click on the word to change to other possible meanings of this abbreviation.

In case the recognition misses the correct word, user can also manually choose from candidate alternatives.

The left menu panel provides a brief view of all saved phenotypes along with further phenotype suggestions as well as disease prediction (differential diagnosis).

Hold the side button of the pen to select a part of a line for re-recognition and phenotype searching.

Overflowing phenotypes can be viewed by expanding the top panel bar.

Draw a square to add drawings, images or photos. Move photos or drawings by dragging the button at top-right corner.

User can annnotate photo and images using differnt pen styles. Hide the control by clicking the "minimize" button at top-left corner. It will be hidden on the right side panel. Clicking on the icon again to maximize it.

Editing Recognized Text

All written notes are converted to text words in background, user can toggle between EDIT/VIEW mode to see both raw writtings and the text. Clicking on the recognized word block will do the same as changing word candidates

Tapping on a word in EDIT mode will instantly display alternatives for modification, double tapping will auto analyze a phrase for potential phenotypes.

Manully revising incorrect recognized text
  • In case that all recognized alternatives are incorrect, the user can choose to manually revise recognized text.
  • Input by clicking on the text input field and write (or type in keyboard) in the text for correction.
  • The results will be immediately recorded and queried for phenotype analysis.

Editing on History Records

Importing Hisrtory records

  • To use the editing mode, click on the “Edit EHR” button at home page.
  • You can import previous records from a text file or by copying and pasting the text into PhenoPad.
  • Selecting "From File" to import text from a .txt file.

Select "From Paste" for pasting record to empty page, double tap on canvas and paste copied text.

User can also use the same "Paste to end" function to add new content at the end of a document.

Adding annotations

  • Select words by underline and choose "Annotate" from menu.
  • Write the comment on the input panel and toggle between handwriting/typing mode through buttons at top.
  • To add comment, click on the "+" button or tap anywhere outside of input panel, the annotation will then be added as a yellow sticky note on side.
  • The user can also choose to convert the annotation to recognized text by clicking "Convert Text".
  • Tap/Click on the sticky note for editing the annotation.

Inserting new content

  • Click or tap between any words for insert and a panel will show up for user to input by writing or typing
  • Handwriting/Typing mode can be toggled through buttons at top of the panel.
  • If user used typing mode, the text will automatically be inserted after clicking "+" button.
  • If used handwriting mode, the strokes will then be saved as a blue sticky note on side, and user can choose to convert to text then insert to record.
  • Tap/Click on the sticky note for editing the annotation.

Annotation/Insert position anchor

  • Move pen over the sticky notes to show the original positions of the edit in the record.
  • Deleting unwanted words

    • Scratching out text to delete it.
    • Deleted word will not show up in the preview mode, however the deleted record is kept in editing mode.


    • Hold the side button of the pen.
    • "Mark" the text you want to highlight.
    • Release the pen and the marked text will be highlighted in yellow color.
    • You can click on the highlighted text and add comments directly.

    Cancel highlighting/deletion

    • Highlighting and deletion can be canceled by first clicking on the highlighted/deleted text.
    • Then in the pop-up menu, select "Cancel Highlight" or "Cancel Delete".

    Free-form notes

    • The blank side on the right is reserved for any personal additional notes that will not be in the record.
    • The user can also use add-ins to insert drawings, images and take photos or videos.